RSS readers for the urologist

What is an RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The internet is essentially information scattered over millions of virtual addresses. RSS allows users to keep up to date with frequently updated information in the form of feeds.  In practice this means that you can use RSS feeds to read multiple journals, newspapers, blogs or even twitterers all at once.

What can I do with an RSS reader?

RSS readers or news aggregators allow users to rapidly collect feeds of information from multiple sites.  RSS readers enable users to tailor the information on which they want to be informed and provide an environment from which to read content. Personally, I use an RSS reader on my iPhone to keep up to date with the latest abstracts from the leading urology journals (below) and technology blogs.

Where do I find RSS feeds?

On a website an RSS feed is shown with an RSS iconRSS icon. To add an RSS feed you need to the address of the webpage from which you would like to receive RSS feeds (referred to as a URL – Uniform Resource Locator).  An example of an URL is Once you have installed or setup a RSS reader on a personal computer most RSS feeds can be subscribed to by clicking on the RSS feed icon  or link on the website.

Where can I find an RSS reader?

There is a wide variety of software available for personal computers and for smartphones. On a Windows PC there are a wide variety of RSS readers including the excellent Snarfer. On an Apple Macintosh, Newsfire and NetNewsWire have good reviews.  If you do not want to install any software, Google reader uses a web browser to read RSS feeds and can even automatically update a section of your personalised iGoogle web page.

On an iPhone I would recommend the FreeRSS application or the mobile version of Google reader. On an Android based smartphone NewsRob in combination with Google reader. Software for Windows based smartphones include FeedDemon. For those with Blackberries, FreeRange has multiple good reviews.

Useful URLs of RSS feeds from leading urological journals are:

British Journal of Medical and Surgical Urology:
British Journal of Urology International:
European Urology:
Journal of Urology:

All of the above are correct as of the 3rd May 2010


Ivo Dukic, Specialty Registrar in Urology,  United Kingdom

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