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I was always one of those people that ‘didn’t see the point in the iPad’, until I bought one that is.  With so many digital versions of textbooks, it is now possible to carry around a whole library at work, and now many journals are publishing via digital apps, making accessing the latest articles simple, quick and convenient. European Urology has been a urological forum for more than 35 years and is read by more than 20,000 urologists around the world.  It has become the leading scientific publication in urology and in January 2013, The European Association of Urology launched an app for the digital publication of European Urology journal.


This app is available only on the iPad and free to download.  It allows users to be able to browse  new issues and has a section ‘articles in press’, which gives the latest articles in progress. European Urology App There is the option of reading abstracts and full text articles, which take less than 10 seconds to download on home internet connection.  The home screen has a swipe bar along the bottom with options to browse all issues and the articles in press.  Once the articles have been downloaded, they are readily accessible from the home screen to read immediately.


The layout of the articles is very easy to read and any tables or figures referred to within the text can be easily Journal menuviewed by tapping on the link, which takes the reader straight to the relevant image.  Tapping on the reference number brings the citation up and can be closed once viewed.  Social networking has been incorporated into the app and there is the option to share articles by tapping on the forward icon at the top of the article.  Articles can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.  Articles of interest can be easily saved for future reference by bookmarking them, and can then be accessed from the home screen without the need to search for them again, enabling them to be accessed offline.  There is also the option of viewing videos cited within an article. When compared to similar apps, such as the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) app, the European Urology app does not look as enticing with the homepage being grey and orange and issues merely being listed. BJUI app issues are shown by the cover page, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

European Urology

Equally, I do feel the BJUI app is more intuitive to use, with the options for sharing articles, bookmarking and searching, all visible at the top of the article. There are also the benefit of current media, case reports and up and coming events available on the BJUI app, which do not appear on the European Urology app at the present time.


In all, whilst the European Urology app may not be the most aesthetically pleasing app, it is easy to download and is very user-friendly, being straightforward to navigate through the contents.  It is also free and once articles have been downloaded they can be easily accessed through the bookmarks offline.  This app is incredibly effortless to use; the best marker of this I can give is that I am not very technologically savvy and I managed to find my way around the without difficulty or help from anyone, so it must be uncomplicated!


Miss Katie Hall, Clinical Fellow in Urology, United Kingdom

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