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The European Association of Urology has consistently led on the latestMenu EAU guidelines and advanced the care of urology since its inception. The EAU Pocket Guidelines app provides pocket guideline summaries of the full EAU Guidelines collection.

The app is available from the Google Play Store or iTunes. The app makes you aware that there are in-app purchase options when installing. On initial loading there are two pocket versions of guidelines available as free samples, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and urothelial carcinomas of the upper urinary tract. EAU members can login to gain access to the remaining pocket guidelines, whereas non-EAU members need to purchase the pocket guidelines for £14.25.

The pocket guidelines app consists of 20 summaries. These are based on a variety of clinical topics ranging from extensive prostate cancer guidelines to relatively brief summaries of managing penile curvature. To minimize the amount of scrolling for regular users you are able to select favourites by tapping on the star next to the relevant pocket guideline. This is may be particularly useful for sub-specialists.

A single long scrolling page represents the entire pocket guideline for each topic. screen696x696Each topic is categorised with a table of contents, which allows quick access to relevant sections of text and this can be accessed at any point by swiping right on the screen. A search function at the top right accessed through a magnifying glass icon.

The EAU Pocket Guidelines App is an excellent urology app and should be on every urologists smartphone.

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